Sunday, July 13, 2008

new beginnings

This summer is full of new beginnings for me.  A big move to a new state, 'new'-ish job, and a new start w/ Tom. 
So I transferred w/ the Banana, but I was commuting an hour and a half every day to work.  I had been conflicted about staying in retail, because I knew that I wouldn't have the quality time with Tom that I wanted (evenings and weekends).  Because let's face it, those are the times the rest of the public is off of work, and those are the peak times when they want to spend their hard-earned money at the mall, n'est pas?
I had a phone interview with a natural skincare company before I left Phoenix, but at the time, the salary negotiations weren't really favorable for me.  Then two weeks ago, I got another call - and I knew it was my window to get out of retail and embark on something fresh!!!!!!!!

So I've just finished my first week at Alaffia.  They are an all-natural skincare company, focused on fair trade hand-crafted shea butter-based skincare products.  It's very small, but the principles behind the company are based on doing good things for the environment and the world at large - and not strictly on profits.  10% of the company's profits are used towards efforts in West Africa, providing much needed support to women and children, helping to provide education, and a sustainable means to support themselves.  All of the ingredients in the products are wild harvested, all organic, and crafted the old fashioned way - the shea butter is ground by hand from dried shea nuts, and whipped by hand.  
Ok ok, I'm beginning to sound like the website, like propaganda.  But I feel supremely lucky to have found something as unique as this company, and it's exciting to help them grow and find success.
So, buddies of mine, do me a favor and check the site out, it's a phenomenal cause, and the products are amazing.  (and if you are a true blue friend of in my # is in your phone, and we talk regularly, I could swing some samples your way.)