Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crushin' on Erykah Baduh's look

Ms Badu......she is one of my favorite style icons.  Even though she dresses crazy ridiculous in real life, she has this face/eyes/lips that are so amazing, and her languid body language is uber sexy.  

As one of the new faces for Tom Ford.

In one of her wigs.

I luv this wig and this look!  

This clip isn't a video, just the music........but it's my all time favorite song of hers, it really shows her range....I used to love lounging at home, burning my favorite incense, and hearing this play in the background............ahhhhhhh.


MrsJoshua said...

hey maryanne,
I just recieved notice yesterday that the lens are still being processed right now. I know, it's been already 3 weeks. sigh, circle lenses are exteremly popular right now and with alot of orders they're trying to get everything out asap. I will be including a free HK case with your order for the incovience. I am deeply sorry.

abby said...

erykah baduh is great. i love her music, and i love her style.

leslielovesmakeup said...

hey mary! gah it feels like forever! i know what you mean about walmart. i try not to get what i don't need when i visit there. it sucks that it's right down the road from me too lol. it takes me like 3 minutes to get there by car. ugh!

how is cal doing? keenan..drooling! ugh we figured he's probably teething or just drooling a lot. he always has to wear a bib. he's huge lol. i love ur post on baby food, i will attempt to make my own when that time comes.