Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend haze

I had a busy weekend. Hit up Scottsdale Fashion Square on Saturday w/ the baby and sis.  Checked out Barney's (drool), the new Banana Republic, a Michael Stars store, bought some workout clothes at Lucy, and salivated over a pair of hybrid boot/sneakers at Puma.  If I lived in a big slick city where I'd have to walk blocks and blocks, these would be my shit-kickers of choice! (swooooon)

We went on to have dinner at PF Chang's, and had to wait the prerequisite 35 minutes to get seated, which is the norm for most joints on a Saturday night, I'd say.  But poor baby threw up on his outfit in the car earlier, and I had him in a onesie, some socks, and blanket. (Felt like a bad mommy) :(   But honestly, his diaper bag is over-flowing as it is, and I just happened to not pack a pair of pants for him. DAMMIT! You try to prepare for every foreseeable crisis, and you just feel like a complete IDIOT for not packing ONE THING! UGH!  Do I need to start packing a back pack? I mean, I've completely forgone bringing a purse, and I just put my wallet in the diaper bag, because it's stupid to lug 2 pieces of luggage around with me.  
Good thing the service was quick, we were out in an hour.  I got my Ma-Po tofu fix, and the sis got her Mongolian Beef fix. 
Having a meal is such a production when you have a small child in tow. For real. 

Sunday - took the sis grocery shopping. We hit up the commisary on base, then Sprouts for our health food fix. Got home, dressed the lil guy, and with my mom, drove to rendezvous at my aunt's house, then we were off to IKEA in Tempe.

Now IKEA to me, is always kind of a sensory overload thing, because the possibilities are endless and the low price point just makes it worse. The only saving grace for me, is that I don't have a house or apartment to shop for at the moment. Phew! You're lucky, Mr. Debit Card, cuz if I did, you'd be shivering with fear.  
My mom and aunt scored some dishes, curtains, and houseware stuff. Such good retail therapy for under a $100 a piece.
Oh, and of course, I made us stop at the cafeteria, which is kinda mediocre, you have to admit, but it's part of the experience of going to IKEA. So I ate badly, by ordering the Swedish meatballs....(sheepish grin)

Although my plate came with mashed potatoes. I should have gotten fries, simply because I can't remember the last time I had a french fry.  (sigh)

My lil bro said he might camp out in front of Best Buy this Black Friday, and if he does, I might ask him to score me a new digital camera. I've been bummin' my mom's, and I am not thrilled w/ the pic quality. And I really need to add some eye candy for your folks on this here blog.  Will keep u guys posted on that one.
Not in the market for a DSLR right now, maybe once I start working again. But for right now, if you guys have any recs for a good point and shoot digital camera, fire away and let me know!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, and hope you guys enjoy some good food and family on Turkey day!


leslielovesmakeup said...

you were right on about the polish! and the glitter, i felt the same way until i tried it!

keep up with the workouts, you motivate me!! when i'm having a lazy day and i get on twitter, i'm like..MAN! igottagetoffmy butt!

Wrapstar said...

Those boots are BANGIN'! I have the BADDEST pair of Nike gladiator sandels I got this summer. I heart them the MOST!