Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas update

Hello everyone, hope you all enjoyed a great holiday! Our Christmas was mixed bag of circumstances this year. On the midnight of the 23rd, my mom had a very mild stroke and I had to bring her to the ER. She wasn't released until the evening of the 24th, and we were very relieved and thankful that she was OK. She was too exhausted to join  in any Christmas festitivites that night of course, but she told us to go to our relatives house, and allow everyone to have some quality time with the baby, since they hadn't seen him for months.

Calvin and my mom

But the next day, everyone managed to get together for a Christmas lunch at my sister's house, and my mom was well enough to make some dishes (which we tried to tell her not to, but the woman doesn't know when to stop! We will need to work on this for the coming year. She always wants to do way too much, and she doesn't understand that she has limits. I am going to work on her to go with me to yoga, to build up her strength, stamina, and release some stress.)

I had Cal open up the gifts that the hubby sent us thru Amazon, lots of books, and DVDs for the little guy - good educational stuff to start building his collection. But honestly, the lil guy had more fun messing with all the wrapping paper and empty boxes. lol

My lil chunky monkey, and his Paul Frank Tee

Having a blast!

Well, now for the deets. The hubs basically bought everything on the Amazon wishlist I sent him (I told him next time, to just pick a few things, that way an element of surprise is still there.) sheesh

Building the DVD collection with some childhood faves of mine. We just watched 1 dvd of the Sesame Street Old School set, and it's so genuis! Seriously! I love how it's imaginitive, but not dumbed down. And they have adults talking like adults, kids of all colors/ethnicities in the skits, and funny dialogue between puppets and actors. It's still entertaining! You guys have to get these if you're building your movie/cartoon collection for your little ones.

Getting ready to school my son on his heritage, y'all! My mom was excited to see the one with the first Tagalog words. She's really looking forward to teaching Cal some of the native tongue. lol

Here are some of the pages, and how they teach the tagalog words.

And some other oldies, but goodies, that  were an absolute must to get his library started.

Now on to Mommy's gifts, I hadn't meant for him to buy all of these, but again - he went overboard.

Reebok Smoothfit Trainer! Yay! They're the lightest cross trainers, they feel like they're made of styrofoam! lol

Prada gift set, with full size lotion, perfume, and purse-size dabber.

I was thankful for all the gifts that hubs got me and Cal, and for the toys that he got from all my relatives.    I was a little on the down side this Christmas, mainly because hubs isn't here to share Calvin's first holiday, plus I don't have a place of my own to decorate.  Then my mom being in hospital was very frightening for all of us of course.  Apparently, ERs experience a higher amount of cardiac patients around this time of year, due to overeating of rich foods, stress and heightened activity around the holidays, a drop in temperature....all leads to the heart having to work over-time.

Anyhow..... I've learned a meaningful lesson this Christmas, to be especially thankful for the time we have with our families. Do not take it for granted, people.

I already knew my mom was the cornerstone of our family, but I didn't realize how much she brought everyone together. She is the commensurate planner and hostess, offering to cook up a storm at a moment's notice, and inviting everyone to her house for any holiday, birthday, fight night, you name it.  And when she was in the hospital this Christmas Eve, there was an emptiness in our family gathering, and I will never forget it.

I want to try and take that burden of having to plan and organize everything, and when we are finally in a house next year, I want to start hosting more and more family events. It is, after all, really stressful to get them together. It'd be nice to say, "Mom, you don't have to bring anything - just bring yourself."  Christmas 2010 is gonna be off the hook - I can't wait!!!

And here's a little Calvin close-up for ya, to send my lovely readers off with a smile! :D

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, and their loved ones!


Nani said...

LOVE the update. I am glad that everything turned out okay with your family and your right it's so easy to loose sight of what matters with all the stress going on these days! don't worry even though your hubs was not around this year he was still around in your hearts.

I freakin LOVE the books you got I am going to look them up on amazon right now. The hubs and I were planning to teach Sae some Tagalog but i didn't know they had these!

and the Charlie brown box set I bought my dad the same thing! (plus my sister went to UO and got him the Charlie Brown tree LMAO it's on his desk the poor thing.)

Cal is growing so fast he is a handsome boy all right he looks so huggable!

leslielovesmakeup said...

oh mary! you look SO GREAT! you sorta look like hayden from heroes. hotness!

your little man is so cute! when i look at how much he's grown, i look at keenan and see how much he's grown too and it makes me sad yet happy. i still think about the night of my surgery and how crazy it was.

glad you had a merry christmas! that watch ..looks awesome!

M.'s Ramblings said...

Nani - I'm really looking forward to reading those books to Cal. I think there were a few different kinds on Amazon, too. I know my mom regrets not having us speak Tagalog, so this is her 2nd chance I guess. lol

Leslie - lol, thnks, girl! I tried to make some effort in getting ready for holiday get-togethers, cuz I know the cameras are in full effect in our family like paparazzi. hahaha

And thnkx for the comments about Cal, ladies. :D
I know, it amazes me how big and how much he's developing these past couple of weeks. It's shocking how much he's doing now - crawling fast, standing up as he holds onto things, and in general, getting into everything. Time is flying, and it makes me sad too. :(
Gotta enjoy these moments while we can...

LiLi said...

Nice books for your baby.

I subscribed to TFC a few years ago hoping that my kids will learn Tagalog too since they are already fluent with Bisaya. Then we realized that most shows speak Taglish and my daughter doesn't like it. So my hubby and I cut our subscription to TFC.