Sunday, December 27, 2009

Insomnia, and random thoughts (I wish & I hope: Series I)

Tonight, right now, this is what's on my mind

I wish.......

  • that my iBook had a longer power chord
  • ...and that it had a longer battery life dag nabbit!
  • that I didn't love sugar so much. It would sure make it easier to shed this baby weight.
  • that I didn't have to cram all of mine and my baby's belongings in this room at my parents' house (but.....I love spending this time with my family, esp. since the hubs is deployed. I couldn't ask for a better situation really)...........Well - unless they had a guest house. Now that would have been perfect. lol
  • the Army would let him stay in the barracks, instead of making him live off base in Lakewood/Tacoma for an apartment that will cost us $800 a month. (And can I just say how outrageous I think it is, that the cost of living is that much in an area that is really shady, and crime-ridden in some areas - esp. around the bases)
  • I could learn to love cardio. 
  • that west Phoenix would get a Whole Foods Market.
  • that Calvin's eczema would go away
  • that my grandmother was more active, and interested in things/hobbies she could share with us. 
  • that my grandfather was still alive.
  • that Tom's mom didn't live in BFE Texas.
  • certain family members didn't have to be such jerks around the holidays, and ruin the spirit of Christmas. fact,
  • that said family members might move a little further away.
  • that Phoenix, had good, safe, clean light rail or train systems running throughout the Valley.
  • that the mall set to open near us would be a teeny bit more upscale. Just a teeeeeeeeny bit.

I hope......
  • that my sis and I get totally ripped by the time we finish P90X!! 
  • that my husband would have an easy time time landing a job when he gets out of the Army next fall, with a job that will value his experience and skills.
  • that I could land a say, February, when he comes back from his deployment.
  • my mom makes drastic changes in her lifestyle so that she can meet old age with health, and enough stamina to enjoy her family and her grandkids.
  • my sis and I can make our birthday trip to Vegas a reality, for a weekend of crazy shopping/gambling/eating/more shopping/spa treatments. 
  • to get  a master's degree by the time I'm 35.


leslielovesmakeup said...

sweety, anything is possible. having a baby just makes it a little bit slower. we're paying $725 for an apartment here, it's not too bad and the area isn't either. the housing situation sounds awful in ur case, crime ridden..eek! i could understand why you'd want to live on base.

calvin's ezcema..keenan has that and i put hydrocortizone on it. i put it on him at night before he goes to bed and he wakes up rash free. the doctor gave us a huge tub of dermacin which is like eucerin but it made keenan scratch more.

he has dandruff so i switched back to using the shampoo/wash you gave me. :) i think it's more gentle also since most of it is natural.

i too hope ur hubs finds a job so he can get out the military. i feel ur pain.

Yoli said...

I hope you get most of what is on your list. From a fellow insomniac.

lucysbeau said...

For me, loving cardio means getting really great energetic music. I can't hear strong dance music without moving my body. even at my tiredest.

Family members = reason I don't get that excited about some holidays. It's a tough time 4sure! I just wish them all to find peace.

Let me know how the PX90 works 4ya. I want to try that! I need to get this increasing tummy under control!

drocks said...

i think most asian babies have eczema, ryu has it too.. mostly on his face. the rashes and constant scratching makes it super hard for us to treat it.

p90x the hubby really wants to try it out and with the new year im trying to really put some effort in losing weight. good luck hun! happy new year :)