Monday, January 25, 2010

Bittersweet beginnings

As of Feb. 1st, I will be, yet again, gainfully employed! I am excited to have the opportunity to earn a paycheck of my own, and be able to go shopping without having pangs of guilt over spending his money on ridiculously expensive beauty products, or unneccesary trips to Target and Babys R Us (you get the picture.)

It does, however, mark a bittersweet moment, as I will have to put Calvin into daycare for part of the day. I am thankful he will not need to be in daycare full time (or 8 hours, 5 days a wk).  My mom works an evening shift, so she can watch him until noon and drop him off at daycare, and my dad or my sister have promised they will pick him up before daycare closes at 6pm (my shifts will be from 9-6pm, with a 45 minute commute, so I'm especially grateful for this as well.)

Calvin and I have been attached at the hip, a two-some, for the past 9 months, and I get tear-y eyed just thinking about the withdrawals I'll be feeling, on that first day of work.  I know he will be ok; but I'm just as emotionally and physically dependent on his presence, as he is on mine.
I will be interviewing/touring some daycares this coming Monday, but I've also been thinking about home daycares as well.  I know each type of daycare has it's pro's and con's, but I will have to rely on my mother's instinct as to what feel's right.

Oh, and on another note! I convinced Tom to finally take family portraits while he was here for some vacation time. We got all prettied up and made our way to the mall, to hit up Kiddie Kandids, because that's where we got Calvin's first portraits done.  But lo and behold, as we walked up to the storefront, it was oddly dark and locked up, at 1 pm on Monday afternoon?!  We walked over to The Picture People, but sadly, they were swamped with all the appointments that were cancelled from Kiddie Kandids, because apparently they went out of business and the before was their official last day!!!!
I was getting visibly upset, Calvin was already getting fidgety. I was desperate to get these pictures done before his nap time approached and he had public meltdown.  My last resort, was the Sears Portrait Studio. They said they could get us in, but it would have to be 3pm. I booked it, because Tom was leaving to head back to Iraq in 2 days, and we wouldn't see him again for several months.

We left to have lunch, and meander about the mall to kill time before our appointment. Calvin was able to take teeny cat naps in his stroller, which he normally never does because there's too much sensory stimulation when we're out in public.  By 3, we were ready to roll. The photographer at Sears was a young girl, probably less than 20 - but boy, she was not only fast, but she was able to get Cal to smile and giggle, and we went through a ton of different poses and shots in less than half an hour.
Here are some of the pics:

We got a great 20% military discount; we ordered 9 sheets from them, and we got the copyright release CD of all the images, for around $130.  The only down-side was that the ordered pictures would take upwards of 2 wks (wtf?) so I ended up printing out a bunch from Walgreens on my own for cheap. In hindsight, I will probably get all the prints done at Walgreen's, and next time I will just pay for the sitting fee and the cost of the CD. (They did have a printer at the studio, but to have it printed immediately was an additional $10 per sheet. That is ridiculous - Kiddie Kandids printed out our sheets the same day for free.)

I will update on this post next week as I review daycare providers and go over costs. All you Mama's out there, you might have already provided some info via Twitter, but I'd appreciate any feedback or insight as comments to this post.  Thanks for reading!!


Nani said...

Gah the double edged sword!! It must feel great to find a job but sad you have to leave Cal during the day. I love your plan though, I wish i could do something like that as well it would make the transition so much easier! plus you know he is with someone you trust.

i LOVE the pictures (told you this before) I need to bite the bullet and go get some taken soon.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

congrats on the job! Cute family pics!!!

Teresa said...

Awww those are really cute portraits! You're gonna look back and be so stoked you got them! How has it been being away from Calvin during the daytime? Hopefully not too sad!