Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Belated Valentine's Day post

My lil man, playing with the ballon that came with one of the bouquets that my 
husband sent.

This post is much delayed, and if you follow me on Twitter, you most likely have seen these on there already (my apologies.)

This is a "feel-good" post, since my last post was a little emotional and tear-jerky. The week ended on a good note. Work was not horrible - although I still dislike being on the phones.  Sadly, the people at my work are all wonderful, intelligent, and diligent about their work.......but you just can't change the fact that the nature of the job is phone work; and I just don't think I can swallow that pill. I thought I could, but it still sucks. Will keep you all posted on how the next few wks go.

Although the hubs is deployed, he always manages to shower me with lovely things on Valentine's Day, and my birthday (our anniversary as well):

One of the beautiful bouquets (I heart lilies).

 A free bouquet sent to me because some choco-covered
strawberries arrived a week late. 

Not that I minded.....don't these look ridiculous?!
I've never seen strawberries covered in so many
different coatings before. And these berries are HUGE! 

Today, was wonderful. Spent the early afternoon at the mall with my mom, where I scored pair of Chanel eyeglasses.  They were pricey, but it's my birthday week, and I thought - "wtf not?"

as much as I love buying Fair Trade/organic/'green' 
products - I still love luxury brands. The packaging is so luxe. (sigh) 

lol - now excuse the writing on the lenses. I haven't placed 
the order for my prescription lenses yet.

Later on, me and the familiy went to a local Japanese restaurant called Kabuki at West Gate Center. We stuffed ourselves silly (sorry, no pics - I was too busy trying to keep Calvin from destroying the place).

 On our way home, we saw a double 
rainbow. It had rained while we had our meal,and the sun was breaking
through the clouds.  My mom was beside herself - she 
hadn't seen a rainbow since she was a little girl. That's crazy, I know.

Another random pic:
And for my Filipino peeps that watch TFC, this is my mom 
with Piolo Pascual at a recent concert. She was on cloud 9. lol

  Overall, a good week. Even got a spin class workout this morning.
Weeks like this remind me to celebrate the good that is in my life, and the small moments that add up to joy and happiness. 

Hope you guys had a good week. Remember: "It's the little things........"


leslielovesmakeup said...

omg mary! i am jealous. *must make the hubs get me choc covered strawberries* lol actually as much as i'd love them i can't cause i have gained weight and they will not be helping me. but man o man do they look ridiculously good!

the flowers are lovely. the chanel glasses look very classy, i love em. glad you had a good week!

and ur mom, hahahha she is too cute.

LiLi said...

I'd be in cloud 9 too if Piolo is beside me. sigh!

LADYJANE said...

Those strawberries look crazy! Were they really sweet?